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Those precious moments as at Dance Teacher

Some may think that being a dance teacher is just about teaching children a genre of dance, maybe giving them some skills in coordination, flexibility and balance and possibly helping with their internal self esteem as well. Yes we may give them those skills but we give them so much more than that, and there’s so much more to why we teach.

We teach for the small joys that happen within the classroom. These are moments that we cherish forever. I’m not just talking in general terms, I’m talking those special moments that we, as the teachers, experience and learn to love. The moment when one of your 2 year students jumps and lifts their feet off the ground for the very first time, after months of waiting.

The moments when a child comes running into the classroom and embraces you into a huge hug and does the same numerous times when they leave at the end of class. The moments when your children come into class and tell you all about their day at big school and how exciting it was. The moment when a child who could not separate from her mummy for months, tells her she can leave for the first time and has a huge smile on her face. The moments when they finally master a step they have been practicing at home for weeks and feel so proud. The moment when they suddenly understand what I’ve been explaining like a light bulb switching on. The moment when they come up with a clever way to remember a step and they let me teach it to others like that, forever after. And finally the moments when a once shy kid comes racing into class, confident as ever with a smile gleaming on their face. When they tell you that they remember you teaching them when they were only a tiny tot. When their parents thank you for the way in which you have improved their self-confidence and self belief.

That is why we teach. For these precious moments in class that can never be forgotten.

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