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A little bit about our dance classes in 2016

In all of our classes we are dedicated on keeping a fun, vibrant and positive learning environment while nurturing each and every child to achieving their best. Students are not placed in classes based primarily on their age, but experience, ability and friends are important factors that can determine what class is best suited for them.  The class descriptions are listed below.


This modern, and upbeat style is full of fun and laughs, and is a great way to stay active while making new friends. Jazz offers a diverse range of movements ranging from broadway to commercial where all styles of Jazz are taught in class. Classes are set in a fun and caring environment where we focus on making it as enjoyable for everyone as possible, while also giving individual attention to every student.


This is the perfect class for the little Tappers among us! This style is all about sounds and rhythm, and so we focus on teaching the steps in combination with music and beats, so that they can develop the skills of musicality and create sounds for themselves- an essential part of tap. This class is very energetic and incorporates a well-rounded warm up, steps down the room, music, and barre work, to develop the whole dancer.


Originating from France, this graceful art takes on the discipline and poise essential to creating the perfect technique. Although classes are set in a fun, and nurturing environment, the classes are run under a set syllabus, allowing students to develop the skills and technique necessary for Classical Ballet. Ballet is the fundamentals of all other styles of dance and focuses largely on body placement and posture. 


Contemporary explores the abstract art of dance, drawing from numerous genres including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, yoga and pilates. Contemporary focuses largely on expressing and portraying various intents and stories and can thus, be represented in many different ways, where is some cases it can be more a fluid progressive from ballet and in others can be more creative and abstract. Contemporary has a large focus on strength and stretch as well as floor work and breathing techniques.

We are so excited to announce that we are offering So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Jason Winters, Contemporary syllabus at the studio. This was the very first contemporary syllabus to be offered in Australia so we are so excited to share this amazing syllabus with our students. It is a great opportunity for all.



3-4 yrs: Tiny Tots

4-6 yrs: Twinkle Toes

5-7yrs: Pre Junior

8-9 yrs: Junior

10-12yrs: Intermediate

13+ yrs: Senior


5-7yrs: Pre Junior

8-12yrs: Junior/Intermediate


3-4yrs: Tiny Tots

4-6yrs: Twinkle Toes

5-7yrs: Pre Junior

8-9yrs: Junior

10-13yrs: Intermediate/Senior


8-9yrs: Junior

10-12yrs: Intermediate

13+ yrs: Senior