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Relaxed Concert at North Shore Dance Studio

Concert Fun at Wahroonga Dance Studio

You may notice when you get your first invoice, that there is something called a costume deposit fee on there and you think to yourself ‘I didn’t order a uniform or costume, why am I being charged for this?’

We get asked this question a lot, so we thought we would clear it up by writing a blog post devoted to it.

The costume deposit fee is a payment that is made each term for 4 terms, to pay for the beautiful costume that your dancer gets to wear at our End of Year Concert in November. Now a costume is not the same as the class uniform that your child wears each week. The costumes are supplied from both Australian and overseas companies and are the beautiful, high quality outfits that your dancers get to wear up on the stage (and keep for years after!)

Below are some examples of costumes we have purchased in the past… Aren’t they gorgeous?!

north-shore-dance-classdance-costums-north-shoreHappy children in Hornsby dance studio

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