See the spark in your child’s eyes as they are welcomed & celebrated in our imaginative and caring environment that allows beautiful friendships to form and confidence to flourish. Give them the gift of dance and truly empower them to dream and have a lifelong love that sees them through other aspects of their life.

We are so passionate about the experience and journey that our students go on and make it our first priority to deliver classes in fun, nurturing and non-competitive environment. 

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Our studio values are the foundations of everything we stand for as a studio and what we want our students to achieve out of their journey with us.

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INCLUSIVENESS: Your child will feel adored, special and important as we welcome them into our dance family. We believe in delivering this from the very first lesson and continuing through their journey of dance.

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FRIENDSHIPS: Within the studio, we build a positive and caring environment that allows beautiful friendships to blossom. We believe in encouraging a respectful and supportive family, where we lift eachother up.

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CONFIDENCE: With teachers that care, are nurturing and believe in each child’s potential, your dancer will gain the confidence to thrive & dream big. This is one of our biggest values in the studio and something we are committed to delivering. Whether it be your child getting the confidence to walk into class by themselves with a huge smile on their face or whether it be gaining the confidence in their ability to achieve; this is the core of what we do here at Jigsaw Dance.

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FAMILY: Through our inclusive and nurturing environment and the effort we make to give the personal touch, you will feel a part of our dance family. To us, it is not just about the steps. We want every child to have a safe place where they will feel supported and are connected as one family.

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EMPOWERMENT & PASSION: The confidence and the happiness & joy your dancer will feel, will empower them to dream big and find a passion & life-long love of dance that sees them through other aspects of their life.

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“It is not about perfection. It is not about being the best. It is about each child’s individual journey where they feel empowered and confident to believe in themselves and their ability and to try their best. That’s what it is truly about.” – Miss Tash – Principal of Jigsaw Dance Hornsby Wahroonga

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