concert performing arts in the north shoreShowcasing your dancer’s achievements

We love being able to show you what your child has been learning and how much they have improved and we are sure that you as parents do too. For this reason we run a Midyear Showcase at the end of Term 2 and an End of Year Spectacular midway through Term 4, to avoid the Christmas rush.

We also have a special parent watching week in the last week of Terms 1 & 3, to give parents a sneak peak of what the dancers have been learning and to showcase the progress of their dances that they will be performing on stage.


Proposed Date: Sunday 17th June 2018 

Your dancer will learn a routine for the first half of the year and will then perform for family and friends. This is a stress free, relaxed and fun day that allows your children to show you what they have been learning and gives them the opportunity to dance on stage for the first time. It is not compulsory but we highly recommend it, as it eases your child into performing on stage and is done in class uniform, so it feels just like class only better!


Proposed Date: Sunday 25th November 2018

Our most anticipated event of the year… Your dancer will learn a new routine for the second half of the year and will perform on stage in an amazing costume…. It is what our dancers work towards all year!

At the end of the year (before the Christmas rush) we produce a concert where your dancers can have the time of their life up on stage. It’s a warm, positive and amazing experience for the children performing.

There are a few additional costs associated with the concert; they include a costume (which is paid by term installments per term), tights (available from the studio), correct dance shoes and other options by choice. Please carefully read below for appox. costs:

APPROX. CONCERT COSTS: The range of prices to be expected around concert time is as follows: Costume $80 per costume, Tickets approx. $20 per adult $15 per concession $10 per child, tights $10-$14 and photos (optional) $40 for USB of 5 photos.


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