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Dance Photo competition at Jigsaw Dance Hornsby wahroonga

Father’s Day Dance Photo Competition

We know our dancing daddies can strike a pose, so why not get one with your dancer to go in the draw to win tickets for our End of Year Spectacular?

Father’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate then to enter our fun photo competition, to go in the draw to win X2 Adult Tickets to our End of Year Concert.

All you need to do is take a photo or video of your dancer with you (Dad) striking a dance pose … Or be creative and choreograph a dance!

Either post the photo or video to our Facebook page or email it through to us to upload to Facebook at

Include your name and your dancers name and you will go into the draw to win.

The draw will take place on Thursday 1st of September (just in time for Father’s Day) and we will notify the winner by email and on Facebook.

It will be lots of fun – Be as creative as possible and get snapping!

READY, SET, GO! (got to be in it to win it!)

A wonderful mid year show case to show our parents

Thank you to everyone who assisted in our Mid Year Performance. I know all the dancers just loved getting up there and shaking their booty in front of such a wonderful and supportive crowd. Now in term 3 we look forward to putting together some new dances to show your our ‘STEP BACK IN TIME’ show.

A reminder that Term 3 starts soon so if you have any friends or family in the North Shore area that might like a trial of our dance classes, please let them know.

Check out this little snippet from the finale as a reminder on just how much fun they all had last week.

Jigsaw Dance Wahroonga Dance Showcase

Our Mid Year Showcase is nearly here….so exciting

Our Midyear Showcase is just around the corner, with only 3 weeks to go! The showcase is a fantastic opportunity for your dancers to get up on the stage and to show you what they have been learning for the first half of the year. The day is a whole heap of fun and is a positive and exciting experience for your child and I know they will have an absolute blast up on the stage. We like to keep the day relaxed and informal as our main aim is for everyone to have fun and be as calm as possible. Don’t worry if this is your first time, I will explain everything throughout the showcase, so you know where you need to be and what’s happening.

When you arrive, you will need to take your dancer to the small lower hall with any uniform and shoes they may need to get changed into. Before the showcase starts, I will explain where everyone needs to be and will then get all the dancers organised into their classes and waiting side of stage. Once they have performed, they will be led back down to the small lower hall to either wait or get changed into their next uniform. We do have an intermission though, so you are welcome to go down to the small hall in this time to help change your child.

Mid Year Show case running order

The times you need to know:

Showcase Date: Saturday 25th June

Time: 3:30-4:30pm (approx. end time)

Location: St John’s Uniting Church – 61 Coonanbarra Rd, Wahroonga

Please arrive by 3:00pm so we can get everyone into their classes. We can’t wait for what will be a fantastic day!!!

North Shore Dance Studio Show Case

Parent watching week this week

Parent watching week this week


You will be invited in for the last 10 minutes of class to have a ‘sneak peak’ of what your dancer has been learning! They are sooo excited to show you!

This will be the last week of term and we resume the week of Tuesday 26th April. An email will be going out later today with some info for the rest of this term.

See you all this week for a lot of fun!

Miss Tash xoxo

PS. Parents of our Twinkle Toes classes… Be prepared to kick off your shoes and join in the fun as they teach you what they have been learning!!!!

Invite your friend along for free dance lessons

bring your friend free week north shore dance

Bring A Friend Week: Tuesday 29th March- Saturday 2nd of April

In this week your dancer is encouraged to invite a very special friend to come along to dancing with them and have lots of fun in class together. You will have received a special invitation in class, that your dancer can take to school/preschool with them, inviting their friend to come along. (Click here if you need another copy of the invitation in case you have lost yours or want another one!!!)

Of course it is completely optional, but I thought it would be a nice way to finish the term!

Invite your dancing friend to Jigsaw Dance North Shore

Upload your invitation above or email us at for your hard copy of your invitation.






Free Dance Class Freebie – North Shore

North Shore Dance Class trials for free
Pre Junior Ballet Tuesdays 6:00-6:30 @ Jigsaw Dance Studio North Shore

To give our Jigsaw Families more options, we have decided to add an extra Pre Junior Ballet class on Tuesdays (as well as our normal Saturday classes). This class is perfect for 5-8 year olds, and focuses on fun and friendships while also learning technique in a nurturing and confidence boosting environment. We twirl, leap and have lots of fun in classes!

TRY THIS CLASS FOR FREE next Tuesday 22nd March and invite your friends! Why not also try out Tap and Jazz beforehand?!

Pre Junior Tap 5:00-5:30pm
Pre Junior Jazz 5:30-6:00pm
PRE JUNIOR BALLET *new* 6:00-6:30pm

See you in Ballet next week

North Shore kids performing arts lessons

Week 6 of dancing already here

Week 6 of dancing already…

Can you believe it is Week 6 already?!

What a great start the year… Everyone is settling in very well and routines are well underway for our Midyear Showcase in June! (more details will be coming in relation to this…)

As we are nearing the end of term 1, I would like to confirm some dates with you all.

Easter Long Weekend: No classes Saturday 26th March (enjoy your day off!!!)
Last Classes for Term 1: Saturday 9th April
Term 2 Resumes: Tuesday 26th April

Term 1 Fees and Costume Deposits

Thank you to all our families that have finalised their Term 1 account. If you are still yet to pay, please have this done no later than this week as they are now overdue. Please check your junk mail if you did not receive it, and contact Miss Tash on if you need another copy.

Reminder of our Bank Details:

BSB: 012 321
Account No: 297 329 631
Account Name: Jigsaw Dance
Easter Show

If you are looking for something to do this Easter, head on down to the Easter Show on Good Friday (25th of March) to see our Jigsaw Dance Studio Castle Hill performers dance at ‘the shed’ at 12:30pm.

Bring a Friend Week

In the 2nd last week of the dancing term (commencing Tuesday 29th March) we will be holding a bring a friend week. Every student will receive personalised invitations that they can take to school and hand out to their best friends, inviting them to come along to class with them… Keep a look out for these…

Wahroonga Dancing Lessons for young children

Dancing for fun at Jigsaw Dance Studio Wahroonga Hornsby

Do you want your child to… Gain confidence? Find their passion? Build life long friendships? Gain a positive self-esteem? And most of all, HAVE FUN!

If that sounds like you, then JIGSAW DANCE is the perfect place for your little one to explore the art of movement, music whilst also developing their inner confidence and positive self esteem.

All classes are set in a fun and competitive free environment where every child is made to feel special and individual. We offer classes to all ages and abilities in the styles of Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Contemporary. Classes are conveniently run in the halls of St John’s Uniting Church Wahroonga.

Jigsaw Dance Hornsby Wahroonga is now taking enrollments for our dance classes in 2016.

Call or email us today to ask about our FREE trial classes and for a full 2016 information pack and timetable.

0468 99 44 88 &


Jigsaw Dance Studio has been proudly servicing the north west of Sydney since 1994 and now we open a new studio here in the Hornsby and Wahroonga area in 2016

Common dance injuries and how to prevent them

Dance, like many other sports, is physical and so there is the potential for injury. But don’t let that turn you off, because like with many other things, half the injuries incurred through dance can be prevented and should be prevented through careful safe dance practices implemented by the teacher. There are two main types of injuries. Acute- ones that happen then and there (like twisting your ankle) and chronic- ones that develop over time, and these are the one’s that teacher’s should be taking special care to avoid.

For a dancer the most common type of acute injury we see are sprains and tears of muscles, and this is quite often due to having a lack of warm-up, incorrect technique and sometimes even the environment and attire of the dancer. The best way to prevent these types of injuries (which are often in the ankle or wrist region) is to make sure you are completely warmed up before doing any stretching, tricks or jumps. The warm-up must increase your heart rate and blood flow, increase your body temperature, which as a result improves your range of motion in the joints and also increases oxygen flow to the muscles. I was always told that stretching is like chewing bubble gum. If you try to stretch gum when it has not been chewed, it will snap. But if you have warmed it up by chewing it in your mouth, then it becomes really stretchy. It is the exact same with your muscles- they NEED to be warmed up before you do any type of stretching. Another important factor to prevent injury is making sure that you are doing the movement correctly, and this sometimes comes down to the teacher and whether they are aware of how certain movement can increase the risk of injury. It is super important to make sure that the alignment and posture of the dancer is in the right position before doing any type of movement. It is also important not to push past your own individual limitations. So that means not forcing yourself into a split if you are not close to the ground. This is also how most acute injuries happen. Aside from this, clothing and environment can also have an impact on how likely someone is to have an injury.

Moving onto chronic injuries such as shin splints, stress fractures, hip and knee injuries, these are most often caused by repetitively doing the above. Chronic injuries are progressive and happen because the dancer constantly does not warm up the body or does not apply the correct technique or is constantly putting their bodies under stress. It is therefore part of the teachers responsibility to make sure that any technique issues are solved early on, an adequate warm up is put in place and if injury does occur they are dealt with straight away through using the RICER first aid method.