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Wahroonga Dancing Lessons for young children

Dancing for fun at Jigsaw Dance Studio Wahroonga Hornsby

Do you want your child to… Gain confidence? Find their passion? Build life long friendships? Gain a positive self-esteem? And most of all, HAVE FUN!

If that sounds like you, then JIGSAW DANCE is the perfect place for your little one to explore the art of movement, music whilst also developing their inner confidence and positive self esteem.

All classes are set in a fun and competitive free environment where every child is made to feel special and individual. We offer classes to all ages and abilities in the styles of Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Contemporary. Classes are conveniently run in the halls of St John’s Uniting Church Wahroonga.

Jigsaw Dance Hornsby Wahroonga is now taking enrollments for our dance classes in 2016.

Call or email us today to ask about our FREE trial classes and for a full 2016 information pack and timetable.

0468 99 44 88 &


Jigsaw Dance Studio has been proudly servicing the north west of Sydney since 1994 and now we open a new studio here in the Hornsby and Wahroonga area in 2016

Common dance injuries and how to prevent them

Dance, like many other sports, is physical and so there is the potential for injury. But don’t let that turn you off, because like with many other things, half the injuries incurred through dance can be prevented and should be prevented through careful safe dance practices implemented by the teacher. There are two main types of injuries. Acute- ones that happen then and there (like twisting your ankle) and chronic- ones that develop over time, and these are the one’s that teacher’s should be taking special care to avoid.

For a dancer the most common type of acute injury we see are sprains and tears of muscles, and this is quite often due to having a lack of warm-up, incorrect technique and sometimes even the environment and attire of the dancer. The best way to prevent these types of injuries (which are often in the ankle or wrist region) is to make sure you are completely warmed up before doing any stretching, tricks or jumps. The warm-up must increase your heart rate and blood flow, increase your body temperature, which as a result improves your range of motion in the joints and also increases oxygen flow to the muscles. I was always told that stretching is like chewing bubble gum. If you try to stretch gum when it has not been chewed, it will snap. But if you have warmed it up by chewing it in your mouth, then it becomes really stretchy. It is the exact same with your muscles- they NEED to be warmed up before you do any type of stretching. Another important factor to prevent injury is making sure that you are doing the movement correctly, and this sometimes comes down to the teacher and whether they are aware of how certain movement can increase the risk of injury. It is super important to make sure that the alignment and posture of the dancer is in the right position before doing any type of movement. It is also important not to push past your own individual limitations. So that means not forcing yourself into a split if you are not close to the ground. This is also how most acute injuries happen. Aside from this, clothing and environment can also have an impact on how likely someone is to have an injury.

Moving onto chronic injuries such as shin splints, stress fractures, hip and knee injuries, these are most often caused by repetitively doing the above. Chronic injuries are progressive and happen because the dancer constantly does not warm up the body or does not apply the correct technique or is constantly putting their bodies under stress. It is therefore part of the teachers responsibility to make sure that any technique issues are solved early on, an adequate warm up is put in place and if injury does occur they are dealt with straight away through using the RICER first aid method.

Free Trial Classes for any dance lesson at Jigsaw Dance Hornsby Wahroonga

Jigsaw Dance Studio offers free trial classes for any new student to trial any of the classes on our timetable. [CLICK HERE] to download your free trial voucher.

You don’t need to print it out you can simply present it via your smartphone on arrival

FREE TRIAL VOUCHER - Jigsaw Dance 2016

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Birthday Parties Hills District with Jigsaw Dance Studio el

Childrens Dance Parties @ Jigsaw Dance

Birthday Parties @ Jigsaw Dance Studio

Jigsaw Parties are here! You have the choice of three amazing kids’ party packages to select from. These packages take the hassle out of kids birthday parties and allow parents to simply enjoy the experience.

Package 1 – Ballerina Party

The Ballerina Party is designed for children aged 3-6 years. If your child loves all things pink, sparkly and adores ballerinas & fairies then this is the party for you! Our Ballerina party host will lead lovely ballet dancing activities and fun party games making the experience truly delightful for your Birthday girl and her guests.

Package 2 – Cheerleading Party

The Cheerleading Party is designed for children aged 6-9 years. If your child loves to jump, tumble and shake her pom poms, then this is the right party for you. Our Party host will lead our cheer girls/boys in some tumbling and tricks on the soft play equipment and a mini routine to show their parents at pick-up. They even get to take home their pom poms. Lots of energy and enthusiasm needed for this one.

Package 3 – Disco/Hip Hop Party

The Disco/Hip Hop Party is designed for children aged 5-12 years. If your child loves to carve up the dance floor and really party then this is the package for you! Our Disco party host will lead energetic dance activities and party games all in a disco party atmosphere. Dance activities will be adapted according to the gender and age of the child.

What we provide

  • Invitations
  • Party room set-up
  • 2 x Party host – your party host will lead the entire experience from greeting guests, facilitating party activities and pack up.
  • Venue – Jigsaw Dance Studio – 10/5 Gladstone Road Castle Hill
  • Party food – Light buffet snacks including fairy bread, popcorn, meringues, marshmallows, sweet biscuits and personalised water bottles. (Cake is not provided however we facilitate the cutting and serving of the cake)
  • Party bags – including lollies & small gifts and a Jigsaw Dance gift voucher
  • Party Games, Activities and Prizes
  • Party room clean up

Timeslots available*

  • Sundays 11.00am – 12.30pm
  • Saturdays are available during school holidays
    *Party Bookings are subject to studio & staff availability


  • $330
    Maximum for all parties  – 15 (including the birthday boy or girl and siblings)

How do I make a booking?

For bookings or enquiries, please contact our Jigsaw Party team on 0412 687 890 or email

Dance lessons hornsby

Those precious moments as at Dance Teacher

Some may think that being a dance teacher is just about teaching children a genre of dance, maybe giving them some skills in coordination, flexibility and balance and possibly helping with their internal self esteem as well. Yes we may give them those skills but we give them so much more than that, and there’s so much more to why we teach.

We teach for the small joys that happen within the classroom. These are moments that we cherish forever. I’m not just talking in general terms, I’m talking those special moments that we, as the teachers, experience and learn to love. The moment when one of your 2 year students jumps and lifts their feet off the ground for the very first time, after months of waiting.

The moments when a child comes running into the classroom and embraces you into a huge hug and does the same numerous times when they leave at the end of class. The moments when your children come into class and tell you all about their day at big school and how exciting it was. The moment when a child who could not separate from her mummy for months, tells her she can leave for the first time and has a huge smile on her face. The moments when they finally master a step they have been practicing at home for weeks and feel so proud. The moment when they suddenly understand what I’ve been explaining like a light bulb switching on. The moment when they come up with a clever way to remember a step and they let me teach it to others like that, forever after. And finally the moments when a once shy kid comes racing into class, confident as ever with a smile gleaming on their face. When they tell you that they remember you teaching them when they were only a tiny tot. When their parents thank you for the way in which you have improved their self-confidence and self belief.

That is why we teach. For these precious moments in class that can never be forgotten.

Warawee dancing lessons for children

Get your 10 point MUST PACK dance bag checklist

Ever had those moments where you got to dance class only to realise you left your Jazz shoes at home, or are dying for water but forgot to fill one up? Or you may be a new dancing family and have no idea what you need to take with you to your first dancing lesson.

The below list of MUST PACK items will help you ALWAYS remember those little extras.


Dance bag checklist 10 point

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Dance classes in Warawee

What to expect at your first dance lesson at Jigsaw Dance Hornsby & Wahroonga



When you take your little one to a dance class for the first time, you as their parent can feel just as unsure and a little worried about what it is all about? What happens if my child doesn’t participate? What if they cry? Will I get to stay in the room so they feel comfortable? Will they know how to do the steps???

Well I’m here to tell you that these feelings are completely normal! To help ease some of your worries, here is what you can expect when you bring your dancer to class for the first time…

  1. When you arrive, you and your dancer will be greeted by the teacher: Initially the teacher will engage a conversation with your dancer, let them know their name and invite them to come into the class with us. We encourage you to stay in the class and watch so that they (and you) feel more at ease. Sometimes a new dancer may be a little unsure, and may not participate at first, and that’s okay and normal… We have a couple of special tactics we use to help children who have trouble separating from their parents, so don’t be worried if it does takes a couple of weeks for your child to participate and feel comfortable. It can sometimes be necessary for you to join in the class with us so that your dancer feels more comfortable. 
  1. The teacher and the children will all gather together: At the beginning of every class, the teacher and dancers will sit down together and have a little chat. They will talk about what we will be learning and the exciting things that are about to happen in class today.
  1. The structure of the class: For our younger classes, we start our lesson with a warm up in a circle so that we can encourage and engage with all of our dancers. After the warmup, we do some drama work to encourage our dancers to use expression and emotion while dancing, as well as storytelling and games. After this we learn travelling steps and specific dance technique on the barre. These steps are taught, revised and added to each week so that if new dancers join us, they are not at a disadvantage if they miss the first couple of classes. We then start putting our newly learnt steps together which eventually becomes our concert dance. At the end of the class we sit down again and discuss what they just learnt, what they need to practice and what exciting things we will be doing next week. We finish every class with a curtsey and thank you then children are led out to meet their parents.
  1. For our new families: At the end of the class, the teacher always likes to have a quick chat with you, just to answer any questions you may still have and to give you any further information you may need.

We hope your dancer enjoys their lesson – it really is a fun and positive experience for all…

Remember if you have any questions before your free trial; please don’t hesitate to call Tash on

0468 99 44 88 or email

Kids Learn dance at Warawee